Team up


If you like hockey and are traveling alot between hockeyrink and meeting with parent and/or hockeyplayers. Perhaps you are in sales or an agent.

This is a chance for you to show off and sell a brand new product in the hockey market.


We create the right movement pattern in only 6 weeks. We have analyzed over 1100 player to find out what it takes to get OverDRIVE Speed. After several inventions we can now showcase a brand new product fot those who want to compete with the best. They can practice this at home or during normal hockey training.

If you are interrested please tyoe an email with a descrip of your self and what you are doing in terms of hockey.


For you its a very easy concept. You just analyz some easy fault in there skating abality wich we are going to show you in a videocourse.


If you would like more information please call or email us.

Sports OverDrive

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