Skills Program



To achieve the optimum technuiqe, You are going to need our Overdrive program. It contains everything you need to get rally fast on the ice. And it works indepedent where you live. It means that no mather where you live. You could have your own Skillscoach.

You will get a unique method, clear video instructions and an extremely informative analysis on your own ride and your own skatingcoach trained in the IMC method.

We will help you throug the program and guide you with help of frequent follow ups video wich you will send to us. All according to the schedule in the program. We will analyze and adjust any errors you make.


Most of our students will feel speed increase after the first week. Our results with this package are totaly amazing. We created Modo hockey's fastest player through the ages in only 4 weeks of training. But many more can testify to the extreme speed increase after folowing the completed programs.

If you have any questions about now or during the program, Just send the skating coach an Email.

Number of students: This program has an ongoing admission. But we only want to concentrate on max 2 customers

Suitable age: From  11 years - Senior.

Price: 375 USD/youth        550 USD/seniors

Questions: Send us an Email




For us its really important to see you current skatingskills. We do that by analysing a video you send to us.

We do not charge you to make an estimate of your needs for our program.

After a quick review we will make a plan together with you how to proceed.



Send us the video by Email. (There is no cost for you at this stage). Type name and year of birth in subject field. Example: Dave Colllins 2002.

If the email is to big. Please use some of the below system


Google drive

Maildrop (Mac users)

All of the above is free of charge and works great when transfer big files.

Google drive and I- cloude is an App for your cellphone.



After a few days we have analyzed your skating and we will send you a recommodation of how to proceed.

The best program to get faster is our  "Gold program".

After you have deicided wich way to proceed you will get a Payment link by email. We use Pay Pal. After payment is completed the full version of your analysis and Login/password will be sent to you.

When the programs starts, we have a tight dialogue in the first few weeks so that no uncertainties arise and that we are always aligned with the correct way to practise