Skating analysis


We always start by analysing the most important aspects of the skating. We do that to see what you need to work on and change in your technique. Our analysis method will show you your weak spot in your stride, and this lead to, what we call Skill Points.

Simply upload your video to Sports OverDrive and we will analyse your skating. Once we have analysed your video we will send back the original video to you with our feedback and a step by step development plan.



Record a video as shown in the video to the right.


Send in the video by email. In subject type in the students initials and social security number in the subject row.  Example: OC070115

If the file is to big. Please use google drive, or Icloude


Send the email to


After approximately one week you will receive a full analyse with detailed graphics of your skating skills. Our smart design make it very easy for you to understand which part of the stride you need to improve. You will also get an payment link to Pay Pal. After the payment is completed you will get full access to a video library to our skills program and a six-week development program.

How to record

The analysis consists of all components that can create OverDrive speed.

The analysis also creates something called Skill Points. Without a  high score it is close to impossible to achieve Overdrive on the ice.

How many points do you get?